Hello, World!

Posted on May 11, 2019

Because what the hell else was my first post going to be? Hi. My name is Keagan, or possibly more recognizably “CaptJakk” online. I have been wanting to spin up a blog for some time, and never made the time for it. So, finally, here it is. The reason I finally got around to doing this is I have my second LC talk coming up, and wanted to get a draft of that talk down on paper in an essay like format first. I also wanted the essay version to be posted here.

In the future you can expect a few different categories of posts and I’ll try to find some way to partition them as such:

  • Philosophy: musings about how I choose to operate in my day to day life and how I make large decisions. This is probably more for me than any of you, but perhaps others could benefit.
  • Economics/Game Theory: much of this will be related to cryptocurrencies and the economic theory that goes into designing them, but also occasionally stuff related to financial markets.
  • Functional Programming: This is likely to be the main focus of what I talk about here.

Now that I have this intro out of the way, it’s time to start the first draft of my talk.

Until next time.